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Authentic African and Caribbean Cuisine Bringing Ethnic Flavors to Your Table!

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Our Spicy Story

Starting back in my home country of Africa, I learned as a young chef to blend colorful, flavorful spices, with meats and natural vegetables… I bring this culinary art to YOU!

I use many combinations with over 100 spices in dishes that put the Africana taste and Caribbean aromas into every made-to-order plate we make! 

Please have a wonderful, wholesome ethnic dinner that we will deliver to right your door.

Chef Jimbo!


Featured Delicacies

Charcoal Jerk Chicken & Oxtail Meat Dish

Fresh From the Grill

Plantain Porridge

plantain porridge

Efo riro w Asun

Efo riro w Asun

Peppered Shrimp

Peppered Shrimp

Asun fried

Asun,fried Rice

Enjoy Authentic Africana & Caribbean Cuisine Right In Your Own Home - WE DELIVER!
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Our Happy Food Is Our Way To Make Authentic Ethnic Dinners Fun with Exotic Tastes Our Customers Love!