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About Us.

A Few Words On Us

Africana Cuisine is not a fast food restaurant where food is available
as customer walks in.

At Africana Cuisine, food is prepared as the order is taken at the completion of prior order. 

Walk-in order is not allowed. It is mostly a pickup. On rare occasion is delivery made, and when made, allow for delivery time’

Minimum order to deliver 0-10 miles: $25 Delivery fee $5
Minimum order to deliver 10-20 miles:$50. Delivery fee…$10

Our Food Policy

We prepare made-to-order wholesome fresh foods full of authentic flavors cooked to perfection with age-old recipes from ethnic origin.

Our Core Values

We love happy food customers and that’s why we cook with genuine African and Caribbean spices as part of our secret of flavors that capture the heart of each meal we cook!